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Long Months of the 2020 Pandemic (written Oct.2020)

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2020 did not develop as many would imagine. Back in March, when we all were sent home; no one thought how it would develop. Well, maybe someone was aware of where it all was going, but definitely not me. I was going on morning walks, and making the marks on the whiteboard, thinking that THIS FOR SURE WILL BE OVER SOON.

Now, deep into 2020 and nearing 2021, I often think this will not be over anytime soon. Forget 2021. Even 2022 seems like a legit option now.

And here I am, with some things we faced during these almost 8 months, I wanted to summarize.

We started celebrating important milestones via zoom… 

We had to celebrate my university graduation online. It was hard to belive this for a very long time. Same as the 30th birthday of my husband – I guess we will celebrate his 31st with a blast (if the world allows?)

We worked from home: and many still do (I DO!). 

Your only co-worker became your husband. Suddenly we had to adjust our routines and find the borders between work and personal. Networking, lunches with friends, impressing your boss – online world sounded as a nightmare to me, since I was just 2 months in into my new role (it turned out well, but was scary:) ) 

We will be working online at least till the end of the year at my company. Some days it feels devastating, but I am adjusting.

And we speak about self-care more than usually

And not only about good-old “wash your hands!”. In the world, where we are forgetting how to make weekend plants, people are re-learning to become kinder. I think kindness is definitely one of the words that I will remember 2020 by (in addition to the word “toilet paper”). We talk about help, taking breaks, and doing exercise. 

Pandemic will go away someday, and the world will need us: so we should try not to lose our minds.

We all discovered a new passion for TikTok

I had an account there for a while, but only now that more fellow Millenials joint it, found more relatable content there! To be honest, now in October, with all the stars and big brands joining TikTok, it stared to become less fun. You stopped seeing new creators, being stuck with the people who you follow, and content became less authentic. 

Crazy how at one hand, we would want TikTok to grow and become a popular platform, on the other hand, with its growth, every social media becomes less ‘cozy”.

We all miss travel

Nothing to add here. I mostly miss seeing my family in another country. Travel can be essential to my wellbeing… So I hope soon I can travel to them without fear again: even if I have to wear a double facemask, protective suit, and promise not to touch anything onboard.


Some things that for sure feel different in 2020. 

2020 is not something I imagined it would be. Is 2020 good for us (except for desease and illness, it is always bad)? 

Only time will show.

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