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Hot girl summer : June&July wrap up

Thought it could be fun to share some books I read this summer (so far), plus other things I liked!

Books I read in June and July – with little to no context 😉

Detransition, Baby
Started as a fun book. I loved getting into the mind of a trans woman and seeing their struggles .
As the book went on, I enjoyed it less and less. I think there were a lot of concepts of being trans that book could have explored, but the whole concept of the book was on getting a kid. I could not relate to the premise and barely finished a book (was reading hoping that some more trans struggles could be discussed)
would not recommend
Every Summer After
Such an easy read but so predictable.
Reminded me a lot about a book “A Paper Palace”. Lake, childhood friends, the one that got away… You know the drill!

Easy read if you want to get out of a reading slur
I really loved the premise! One writer dies, the other steals her book and finishes as her own. First half of a book just goes so easy.
I am a bit sad about how it ended…” I feel the premise could be better if the ending was different. But the ideas, the jealousy, the way you can curate your image online…who is allowed to write about Chinese – only Chinese people” What it takes a book to go viral? Was writer 1 so saint herself? many concepts were pretty cool!
I loved the writer, now I am curious to read “Babel” by same author ! 
beautifully written and definitely is a good one to bring on a summer holiday.
Harry Potter 7
Here we meet again… deathly hallows, first re read in 16 years (hurts to say it was that long)
I see why I did not like start of a book then, did not like it now. The start, traveling from hill to hill, feels a bit boring; and it is supposed to built tension, but it did not do it for me.
Second half, right after gringots, starts picking up and turns into a real page turner
Dobby scene hits you in the heart, as ever 
Forgot background stories of Dumbledore , as cannon… loved it. Snape is definitely overly loved by movie and internet, he for sure stays not super likeable in the books…
Loved all small details that memory removed … in general, remembered it all 🙂 which is happy
Good book….
Now off to reread others ❤️

LOVED, second hand is for sure. better than the first one
Tress of the Emerald Sea
My first Brando Sando. That is such a good fantasy book! I was lost in a middle but I liked start and end 🙂 beautiful premise, and beautiful resolution . 
Really a cool plot twist about Charlie.
A lot of great quotes , and definitely amazing word use 
I’m for sure ready to try other Brandon Sanderson books!
Recommend if you want to get back to fantasy reading!
Heartstopper 3
Heartstopper #1
So easy to read, and so fun! and Kudos to Netflix to having the spirit so correctly! “No Hanky Panky” said by Dad still gets me laughing XDdefinitely recommend for getting out of reading slump!

Podcast I enjoyed

“Secrets of long life” at a “Holderness Family Podcasts” Such a beautiful podcast that inspired me to think about life and what is important!

Random app recommendation

CapCut – I installed a free version on my PC, and oh boy! Editing TikTok’s has never been easier! It has text to speech; and allows to add captions! See my creations for yourself:

here I added voice (TikTok lady voice!), all in caput – so only later uploaded it to TikTok !

and here I added captions – with one click!

Art I created in June and July

a lot of inspiration drawn from Taylor Swift, my cat – and I finally drew more in my sketchbook! Maybe sketchbook tour video will finally happen? poor sketchbook lasts too long, at this stage I just want to finish it finally! haha

Random Highlight

and yes, I got Taylor Swift Tickets for July 2024!

Off to the last month of summer!

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