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Hello 2023! 2022 in review

22 January may be late for a year in review? But my birthday is soon, start of year festivities ended… so that is my excuse for having a year in review blog!

I created “some” art

I did not manage to create as much as I wanted, and actually after I have not drawn since October…. I started a new job this year, and also getting back to life after two years of Covid was pretty tiring. I think these are two main reasons when I did not create much art this year; or did not follow many studies.

I still drew a lot, had a lot of ideas – I will post some of my art and sketches in the gallery!

Finished inktober

I am happy I managed to create daily art during inktober! Here is my blog about it (Link)

I posted my first YouTube videos!

I am happy to have posted my first three YouTube videos! Link here

I still have not fully decided what type of content can I post: that is a but overwhelming and I am not sure I liked the videos I had uploaded. But I hope to make more videos – I really like the process even though the end result is a bit underwhelming XD

I filled a sketchbook – quite a lot 🙂

I used to draw daily in my sketchbook. – drawing a small sketch about today/yesterday. I started during my summer holiday to Portugal and kept going till around November. I hope to pick it up again!

I enjoyed some artists and their tutorials!

I really liked Patreon of Loish and her tutorials. Some inspirations were Kwarateen and Gretel Lusky 🙂

Three Point Perspective” was my most favorite podcast this year.

I explored the AI art and tried to get to the core of it.

It was fun to play around with AI generated art and try to understand how it works! I even managed to make two YouTube videos out of it 😀

Was it a good year of art?

I think it was not the best year for art – but good I managed to do at least something. I think it was a good year of gathering energy and being ready to launch 2023!

do I have any goals for 2023?

That for sure! But sounds like a topic for a new post 🙂

My 2023 art gallery

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