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Inktober 2020

my thoughts on what is Inktober, and what I liked about participating in Inktober in 2020 (for the third time!)

So, Inktober 2020 is over.

Inktober is a yearly challenge that unites artists from all over the world. The challenge is created by an American illustrator Jake Parker. During October, one needs to create a piece of art every day. There is no prize waiting in the end – just a way to boost your creativity and find some new supporters.

Inktober 2020 prompt list

That is my third time participating in a challenge 🙂 

What are some main takeaways from this year’s challenge (that can also apply not to art?)

2020 for sure, killed many of my dreams but gave way to new ones. Not everything needs to be held. We change, and that is OKAY.

We love staying in our comfort zone

I noticed that in years of creating art, I still hate drawing hands. That is why maybe having a challenge is so important, so you learn something new.

At work or in personal life, we should also not be scared to take a challenge and try to learn something new.

We cannot do our best every single day

And this applies not only to art but to everything we do.

Thanks to all nurses and doctors for saving us from Covid-19!

I felt very proud of some of the ideas.

A drawing of a CHEF was inspired by my neighbour, who is a real chef and an entrepreneur; got most likes than ever on my Instagram, which is, of course, very rewarding 😀 

At the same time, some other days, I was so discouraged, tired, just wanted to do whatever or lay on the couch. 

That is what is part of our daily life too. We can try being the best all the time, but sometimes we cannot, and that is okay.

the Chef art inspired by my Chef Friend

…Going an extra mile is uncomfortable but is rewarding

I like pushing limits. 

Inktober, especially during a pandemic, often felt like it will last forever. But I wanted to finish it to myself and to get this extra inspiration I needed and learn new skills. and indeed, I met new amazing artists, learned new tricks, and actually feel more energetic and inspired now.

That can apply to other uncomfortable things: going to the gym or finishing a work assignment. It may feel hard at the moment, but keep the eyes on the prize!

And it felt very different this time. Working from home, no real separation between work and personal; and my art studio turned into a working cabinet.

Last October, I was a master student, so it was convenient to create art on my way to university every morning. A year before I guess, it was the excitement of the “first time” that kept me going.

The third time was a charm.

2020 has days when you think that you can do it all

some days we just carry on

and now for the final result!!!

originally posted on nov 1 2020.


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