Nadia Makes “Some” Art

Corporate millennial having a blast

Who am I?

I am Nadia, and I am passionate about living a creative life! I am a storyteller, and want to share my projects with you!

A girl with red hear in the sunset
Self portrait, 2020

my passions can be divided into a couple of pillars:

Creativity : I love creating art and tell stories with it!

Reading I love reading and have a book idea that I hope to write someday

Law, in particular privacy law and digital world we live in: I am passionate to find out what happens without data online. Law is also how I earn my bread 😁

and other life things: travel, being an immigrant, trying to live a healthier life

In this blog I want to share some of my passion projects. I think many can relate to this: so many of us want to write a book, or learn to play a music instrument, but life always gets in the way.

Do you have any creative hustle or hobby? Let’s stay connected, keep each other motivated and have fun!! I am looking forward to finding others who can keep me accountable and keep pursuing my hobbies.

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