Nadia Makes “Some” Art

Corporate millennial having a blast

AI&Privacy Thoughts

Is Dalle-3 a true end of creativity?

Exciting – and scary times. Dalle-3 was announced, promising to be the end of creativity. So I just checked out the much-anticipated DALL-E 3 by OpenAI. 🚀 The promise was mega – superior images and even possibility of adding text to the pictures. Will one click of a button replace all creatives? see below for yourself :

Atlas of AI

As Europe is expecting a new law on artificial intelligence (AI), and many other countries are also considering similar laws, with Canada hitting the news most recently, I finished reading a book about AI that came to me highly recommended. Read more…

Privacy is Power

Recently I finished a book by Carissa Véliz “Privacy is Power”. It is a great read to get better understanding on the data-driven world we live in and challenges we face. The book provides good food for thought and starts a conversation. 📚 Some thoughts I liked