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Beautiful Rhodes!

We chose as our first (after a long time) travel destination. It felt that we can visit  a lot of nature places, and historical locations  – and enjoy beach in between!

We  stayed in Rhodes Town, and took daytrips from there. We liked that from our hotel location we could easily walk to the beach and also to the old town. If I were to recommend a hotel location, I would suggest somewhere around Europa Hotel. I liked the beach on that side a lot (very windy and crazy waves!); and I enjoyed restaurants in that area a bit more than those in the old town.

If you stay in a different city on the island, for example, Faliraki, you will not be seeing sunsets (due to the shape of the island). From the Rhodes Town itself, you will be able to see stunning sunsets – no real need for the boat trips with the sunset tours!

You can also stay around Lydia Hotel – then you have an easy walking distance both to the sea and to the old town!

beach area that we liked!

Beautiful views

Bonus thing we did not expect! How

many cats are there on the island!!

One of cats we met 🙂

Fun Fact

How do I say ,”Thank You” in greek? 

It sounds very similar to 
F Harry’s toe

Not quite that, but that phrase for sure helped us to learn how to remember the words! 

Day Trips and activities

  1. Grant Palace of Rhodes (Link)

That was for sure a big historical museum, with lots to see. Main attraction was mosaic of Rhodes, made from tiny stones – amazing to see! Afterwards we got to walk on the city wall – such a medieval feel! Just unsure why the wall was only open between 12 and 2 – the hours of real heat on the island XD

2. Archeological Museum of Rhodes  (LINK)

The museum was huge! Make sure to buy ticket to this museum together with the ticket to the Palace of Rhodes (combi ticket). Combi Ticket will be  good for three days -and you can enjoy museum too! Note that some rooms are open on different days of the week.

The museum can keep you busy for a couple of hours and tells more about history of Rhodes island and people who lived there!

3. Rhodes acropolis

We were surprised not to see Acropolis of Rhodes on many sites when planning the trip. Acropolis of Rhodes is located a bit outside of town – but you can just walk up there. Entrance is free, and the state of the Acropolis was great! We liked it not less (or maybe even a bit more?) that the one in Lindos (see Lindos below).

4. Day trip to Lindos.

Rhodes looks more like a medieval town. Lindos looks like a typical white Greek Village!

we were amazed to see the white streets!

Main reason for visiting Lindos is its ancient Acropolis, since In ancient times, there were three major cities on the island of Rhodes: Lindus, Ialysus, and Cameirus. Therefore, Lindos is one of those cities to  visit for the history Geeks! (another one would be the ruins of the Ancient Kamiros).

We chose  Triton Cruises to reach Lindos (LINK). Bonus: Place to eat in Lindos Village House Restaurant (LINK).

You could reach the top of the hill and all the ruins by a donkey, but I felt pretty sad for them!

5. Symi.

Island is known for (1) sea sponges – the first Greeks worked on sponge diving. (2) Symi shrimps – tiny shrimps that you can eat without cleaning!

A colorful Island near Rhodes, that is recommended to reach with the fast boat (otherwise drive would be a bit too long). 

You can see a monument to a boy who waits for his father to come back from diving. 🙁

Bonus: Restaurant recommendation:  Tholos Restaurant (Link)

6. Fishing trip (link)

That was for sure fun! Time flew by, we went snorkeling, saw beautiful bays, and also caught so many colorful fishies!

7. Valley of the Butterflies!

At  first you see no butterflies, but later you notice they sit everywhere on the trunks! We went to the valley by public bus.

Around 2 hours is more than enough for they valley – it was pretty humid there, but the butterflies were mesmerising!

8. Kalithea Springs  (Link)

Old place was turned into a recreational area by Italians. These days there are no real Springs anymore. The place is more of a restaurant and a paid beach area. Also, many weddings happen on this location.

Talking about various swim areas, during our holiday we also swam in Antony Quinn Bay and at Tsambika Beach. Antony Quinn Bay is called so because Antony Quinn bought this bay.

Tsambika Beach is also called a “Blue Lagune”. It surely is! The waters were so blue, it was stunning!

9. And a couple more  little things! 

  • Place where assumably the Colossus of Rhodes stood. Now there are two deer who stand there – each deer on a column for the leg of the Colossus. No one knows for sure if that is the exact place where the Colossus stood – many think that it was actually build on the top of the mountain. The monument stood for a very short time of 50 years before it collapsed because of the Earthquake.

how the monument (assumably) looked like. Source:

It looks quite unrealistic, right? but could have been impressive!!!

  • Ancient Clock of Rhodes! (Link)

There is not much to see inside of the Clock Tower, but you also get a drink for the price of the ticket 😉 

Things we liked to eat

  • Donut   (ask for this one at Koutuki 42) – So bad I did not catch a real greek name!! It has a creme cheese inside and is pretty filling!
  • Symi shrimps (baby shrimps)
  • Dolmades (that is a grape leave with some rice and meat inside)



  • Pakhlava and  Kataifi!

Tasty sugary dessets! Kataifi is like a pakhlava but a bit more ” hairy” looking! I loved the one we got at Auvergne Cafe Bar Restaurant (LINK).

Restaurant Recommendations:

A great place on the beach – you can drink next to the seashore and watch a sunset, and later you can go up and get a meal!

  • A place with Nice drinks and live music!  (LINK) – good for an after dinner vibe!
  • Meze place (LINK). Meze is some kind of tiny meals – in this place we recommend a Meze arrangement, but get some meat to go with it, because it was not enough for a dinner.
  • Mamma Sofia (LINK). Place located in a very tourist area, but is very cozy and fair!
  • Cozy place for coffee, located near an old tree!! Auvergne Cafe Bar Restaurant (LINK)

get a  Kataifi  – it is so tasty there!

  • Another hide out for some coffee and relax. Best Greek coffee I tried, and the location is stunning! Peace of calm in the middle of the city. (LINK)

  • Nice food, big shared plate! A good place to tryy all the Greek delicacies  (LINK)

  • Another great fish restaurant with the sunset view!  (LINK)

  • Nice drinks on a boat: Kontiki NEXT (LINK)

that was a beautiful vacation in a beautiful place!!!

Greece, we will miss you!


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