Nadia Makes “Some” Art

Corporate millennial having a blast

New Mrs.Prins

This is it! I married my best friend, my soulmate, my Prince. This illustration represents the Disney-like moment from our #wesselnadiawedding

Our magical day  was filled with warmest emotions. We had guests who travelled from UK, Germany, Sweden, Cambodia, Belarus, Russia, Thailand, and of course my new homeland, Netherlands ☺️☺️ 

All my worries went away on the morning of our wedding day . We knew how great it will go, and I was one of those non-existent brides who did not cry on their wedding day 💕
We had such a great team of people who supported us 😍😍😍 from shouting “gorko” (Russian tradition so newlyweds should kiss), or arriving in a bakfiets (by Dutch tradition the couple arrives to venue together, so we arrived in a bike), singing “о боже какой мужчина» (Russian song) or “Brabant” (Dutch song), eating Karavai (parents welcome us to restaurant with a bread that we bite to celebrate our new family), and later a cake (cake before dinner – that is a very Dutch tradition), or  dance battle surprise (thank you for arranging this, mom). 

Wedding was such a combination of two cultures, two families, two sets of friends who are now just one 😍😍😍 All of us are a bit Dutch and Russian/Belarusian now 🤗🤗

Drawn with Procreate on iPadPro, with Apple Pencil, July 2019.


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