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Privacy is Power

Recently I finished a book by Carissa Véliz “Privacy is Power”. It is a great read to get better understanding on the data-driven world we live in and challenges we face. The book provides good food for thought and starts a conversation. 📚 Some thoughts I liked
1) We should concentrate on protecting data rather than hiding it. 🔐 Often we hear “Oh, let it go, data is everywhere. I have nothing to hide”. But we should be aware of who gets access to data and whether companies need access to our data. By educating all parties we can create a more privacy-aware world. It is important that we create a world where we process “necessary” data and inform users on what they can expect.

2) We live in a world where data modifies the reality. 🧬 Netflix changes its covers of the shows based on what you are likely to click. TikTok feed sends you videos based on your interests. One may think we have access to so many resources , but actually algorithms curate so much for us. Is your opinion truly yours, or do you live in an information bubble?

3) Ability to forget is gone. 😨😨We live in an interesting world. Everything we do is saved, broadcasted, and shared. Does that mean that we are less likely to debate, travel, and ask controversial questions? We have to keep working on creating a world where people are not afraid to be themselves. Data is power, but it can also be used against us.

Is privacy an outdated concept? The book sparked a lot of thoughts and I enjoyed it a lot!

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