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Books to read in 2024!

Watch me draw and talk about books I read in 2024!

Disappointments on the Shelf

The Emily Henry Saga

Starting off with books that let me dow. Emily Henry – I am sorry! Despite the anticipation, each book, including “Happy Place,” “Book Lovers,” and “People We Meet on Vacation,” left me underwhelmed. The premises never managed to resonated with me! Will I let Emily Henry at rest, finally?

I heard a new book is in the making, so I am afraid, I will try and read it again 😀 Since I love jumping on the hype trains.

Colleen Hoover… why.

I also read “It Starts with Us” by Colleen Hoover. It’s a follow-up book to “it ends with us” . The characters wrote letters instead of talking, which felt odd. I think I am too old for stories where characters misunderstand each other instead of talking… I do not think I will be picking up any more Collen Hoover any time soon 😉 I am happy I got the book at the local library, and have not bought it:D

Pleasant Surprises

A Gem Amongst the Hype

“Everyone in This Room Will Someday Be Dead” by Emily Austin, turned out to be amazing. The way it’s written and the quotes in it really caught me! even though I can’t quite tell you the whole story. Writing was great, loved the quotes, but plot… Plot was hard to understand and was quite forgettable 😉 It’s a book that many liked, and so did I. Pick it up for good writing!

Predictable Yet Comforting

“Every Summer After” – Carley Fortune offered a predictable journey – very similar to the book “The Paper Palace” by Heller. It’s okay for a quick read but not something I’d tell everyone to read. Both stories feature friends, lake, forgotten love, the one that got away…. It’s like other stories where old friends meet again. But add it to your summer read plans! It is easy and nice to get out of reading slump!

Memoirs That Moved Me (or kept unnmoved)

The Woman in Me

“The Woman in Me” by Britney Spears! was a short but powerful book. Listening to it while doing chores was perfect. It made me see Britney Spears in a new light, considering everything she went through at such a young age. I cannot believe how much effects media can have on us!

SPARE by Prince Harry

Harry’s “SPARE” provided a glimpse into royal life and once again – media! At some level, both Prince Harry and Britney are victims of papparazi…

While I’m not sure about everything Harry says, especially about his family (we do not want the point of view of everyone), the book was still interesting. It’s a bit long, but it’s worth a read .

The Year’s Highlights

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

This book by Gabrielle Zevin was my favorite. It’s about making video games, about what makes games popular, and also a little bit about love. I didn’t love how the book ended, but the rest of the story was great

A Return to Hogwarts

Rereading almost all the Harry Potter books was fun. It’s interesting to see them differently now that I’m older. ;0

Discovering New Voices

Alice Oseman’s books – “Heartstopper comics” and some of other of her works were a great find. I really recommend RadioSilence for anxious overachievers who do everything that society expects from them 😀 These books are easy to read and talk about important things – like being yourself, saying “no”, enjoying life.

An Epic Fantasy Journey

“The Kingkiller Chronicle” by Patrick Rothfuss was a beautiful fantasy series. It’s sad the next book isn’t out yet, but the first two are worth reading. Be aware that book 3 may never come, so I choose to believe that story of Kvoth is over 😉

A Critical Take on Prequels

Before watching the new Hunger Games movie, I read “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.” I think the movies are a bit better because they show the action of the Hunger Games more. HOT TAKE ahaha . Loved the books. Loved movies more!

Brandon Sanderson’s Worlds

I started reading Brandon Sanderson’s books, and wow, they’re amazing. The stories are long, but once you get into them, they’re really exciting.

After reading “Tress of the Emerald sea” that my husband got via Kickstarter, I started with the “The Way of Kings,”.- It has been a challenge , but a great one, which deserves a separate post! I highly recommend Sanderson! Def the best book I read this year – actually, in many years!

Wrapping Up

That’s all for my book reviews this year. I’m looking forward to reading more and making more art. Don’t forget to visit your local libraries and keep sharing stories!

Here’s to more books and fun in the coming year!

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