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Inktober 2022

Inktober 2022 is over! and it is time to share some of my daily art of this year !

Inktober 2022

I was not very inspired by the prompts today. I feel quite many of them were too straightforward, and I could not think of a creative way to play around them (such as booger…. haha)

Three main learnings from my this year daily challenge:

  1. I would have liked to be better! I did not see as much improvement as compared to the previous inktober, and it was a bit upsetting. I made some goals for myself to work on improvement!
  2. It is great to have goals, since they motivate you to suddenly “find time!”
  3. You cannot do your best every day. And that is okay!

Bonus point: Instagram is quite boring these days. Hope you have some community that can make these challenges fun!

These are my absolute faves from this year! They are:

day 13.”Kind” – where I played around with the word “Child in Dutch.; Day 10 – Crabby; day 11 – eagle; day 2 – scurry (my absolute favourite, I want to tell more stories using my art) Day 2 Gargoyle; and day 31 Farm (with pumpkin farm!)

This I would like to finish! It is day 20 – Bluff

These all go around topic of fire and starting something new. Day 5 – Flame; Day 12 – Empty; and Day 12 – Forget.

Fire always gives me a strange feel of burning past, accepting that it will never be “as it was”, and need to move forward.

This beautiful one I had to draw on day 15 – Armadillo. That was also the day actor playing Hagrid died, so I had to draw him with all the cute creatures

These just turned into fun studies and practice. Day 19- Ponytail; day 16 – Fowl; and day 21 – Bad Dog.

Day 22 – Heist Had a weird idea of how we always run and never rest because of the internet. day 24 – Fairy, sparked my creativity to draw a scene of the book I want to write myself someday.

Day 28 – Camping and Day 29 “Uh-Oh” turned into small videos!

Day 4 Scallop and Day 3 Bat, where I slightly incorporated a prompt into an art XD

and this is “the rest”, in my opinion, nice works, but no big back story.

These ones were the quickest (and laziest?) ones XD day 30 “Decorative” gear and day 23 (little) Booger XD


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