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When in Porto

we recently spend 8 days in Porto. We really loved the town and what it has to offer 🙂 what to see in Porto? What were we doing? Since everyone indeed kept suggesting that we will get bored after 2 days.

so, if you are looking for things to do in Porto, that is our list if most favorite things!!!

  1. Swim in the ocean, if you are not scared to get cold 😄
  2. Go surfing 🏄‍♂️ We did with Estela Surf and Hostel
  3. Take a free walking tour with Felipe from Hi porto walking tours (or another his college:)
  4. Listen to a street singer while eating dinner. We recommend Izza, she usually plays a nice place Concept 31, in Porto city center.
  5. Travel to Duoro valley to learn everything about port. Be careful, it’s so hot there (hotter than in Porto because of “microclimate”)
  6. Go to a free museum of photography – it’s also an old prison, so it is so fun to visit!
  7. Cross the bridge and enjoy Vila nova de Gaia!
  8. Take a boat tour on the river to enjoy all the bridges (including one build by Eiffel, and it’s not the main one in Porto, despite what many think)
  9. Enjoy unique tiles everywhere. Porto cathedral is one place to do visit to see some great tiles (bonus – high sky views of Porto!)! Interesting fact- colourful tiles come from Arab countries, and blue ones from China. In Arab countries, it was not allowed to draw people on them, so they mainly have symbols!
  10. Have a look at a cafe Majestic, where Rowling assumably wrote first Harry Potter 😄

you can hear more in our podcast!


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