Nadia Makes “Some” Art

Corporate millennial having a blast

When in Lisbon

Here are tips on what to do during 3 days in Lisbon (more details below)

want more? Listen to our small podcast recap here:

In this podcast episode we dive into what we liked and did not like about our trip to Lisbon, and why we feel like we are enjoying Porto more 😄next up – review of porto!

Here how the book stamp looks like 😍

To go to Belem, we recommend using a bus. Tram 15 seemed like a fun ride, but the line was horrible.

The fair was around 2 euro , and we got cards for public transport in advance from the metro station. you can put some money on the card and use those cards for all the types of transport ! Tram fair, if buying from the conductor is 3 euro, but only 1.5 euro with your preloaded card – life saver!

as to going to the castle of Sao Jorge, we went by foot, we initially wanted to get to this sandwich place (Bifanas do Afonso , to try “bifana” , a typical pork sandwich), but we found an elevator that led us to hallway to the castle, and we just went from there 😁

green street:


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